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A Practice in Deadly Cynicism

Horror Beloved
22 February 1986
Ok, new journal to kick off the new school year! How's everyone? Rad? Rad. Let's boogie!

Pretty much all the more superficial things about me can be seen below in my interests. *Points and nods* The rest you may or may not already know, but that's not really important is it? I have a strange obsession with fish, both alive and dead. My favorite food, after all, is sushi. ..I currently own three healthy betta fish and a grumpy rescue turtle my friend passed on to me ^^ Such cute lil fellas... but I digress.

Kay, and on a side note, as you can probably tell by the crappiness of quality and all, all the crap on my journal; BG, Icons, Colorbars, FO Banner, etc. are all made by me, as I can't stand taking other people's work... XP (Although for my most recent layout, I yoinked the html code since I suck at html...) So if by some reason you're smacked on the head hard enough to want to borrow any of the things you see, plz credit me as Nnie or horror_beloved. Miyu really isn't a screen handle I use anymore, but if you see it on this page, it's still referring to me.

An LJ community run by Winds and Nnie to promote and house updates for our webcomic. Check it out if you're curious ^^

Our official Odin's Children Website, complete with functional html! Who knew we could manage that?!

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Dir en grey really IS love... ~ Nnie

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Dir en grey in South Park? Now that'd be hot... ~Nnie